How to play as a team

In Invokers Tournament ™ you can create or join up to five different teams to play with your friends. Just enter the Online Tournament option and create or join a team (only available for subscribers).

Solo or by team

Once inside, you will find two game modes: The Jungle of Orth and The Sanctuary. Select the map you prefer and access the menu from which you will find the following options:

  • Individual mode (Randomise)
  • Enter an online game where the system will assign you to a team with players who have chosen the same option.
  • Create a new team
  • Create your team and invite two friends of your choice to participate together in the online tournament. It will only be possible to play as a team after your friends have accepted the invitation and the roster is complete.
  • Join a team
  • This option is only available if you have been invited to a team by a friend. You may only accept or reject the invitation.

Manage team

Only available for teams created by the player. From this option you can delete the team or expel and replace team members.


The season league system offers greater challenges and increases competition by allowing players to rise or fall in rank in different divisions.