Game modes

The Jungle of Orth

When you enter the game mode Jungle of Orth, you and your team will find yourselves in a map that features two opposing bases connected by two well marked paths. You will have to fight your way through to the enemy base, shattering their defenses and defeating your opponents in direct combat to reach and destroy the enemy Core. In the mid-zone of the map, you will find life and fury orbs as well as the Altar of Invokers, which you can use to your advantage throughout the match.


The defense towers are armed structures designed to protect each base and situated at both entrances. These structures attack any enemy that comes into their range of action, be it invoker, avatar or minion.

The towers slowly regenerate the life force of allied invokers whilst they remain at close range.

Why bother destroying the towers? Shattering the defensive structures is an important part of this game mode's battle strategy; Every time an enemy tower is destroyed, their Core will be considerably weakened.


The Core lies in the centre of the base, protected by the allied towers. This is the spot where each invoker appears upon entering the match and where they will respawn each time they are defeated.

This structure , like the towers, also possesses defensive capabilities: It fires upon any enemy that enters its range of action and gradually regenerates the life force of nearby allied players.

The Core becomes severely weakened with each tower that is destroyed by the enemy team.

The Book

In the centre of the map you will find an altar upon which the book known as the Tome of Invokers will reappear every minute, considerably increasing the power of whoever claims it for a short period of time.


These five sculptures contain the ancient spirits of powerful mercenaries. Break them to free the warriors and have them join your team. Remember that these statues will reappear after a certain amount of time and can also be claimed by your enemies.


Every time you or any of your teammates defeat an enemy invoker, it will add a point to your joint score. When the score reaches ten, you may speak to Jabbu to summon a deadly Darkoim.

The Sanctuary

In this game mode players will three different platforms situated at equal distances from each base.

Both teams must attempt to dominate the platforms to accumulate points and win the match. Remember! Platforms can be conquered faster if more than one teammate is placed on it.

Keep in mind that every time an invoker defeats an enemy, they will add points to the overall team score.

In the centre of the map and along the paths, you will find life and fury orbs to help you throughout the match.