When we created Invokers Tournament, we were excited by the possibilities of translating a MOBA with action elements to PSVita, PS4 & PS3.
Invokers Tournament players have played countless PvP matches since the launch.
Unfortunately, our game concept did not translate as we hoped, and we are not able to continue the game service more time; StormBASIC games will close their doors soon.
It's with great sadness that we'll be concluding the game servers on 15-MAY-2019.
Until this date, we'll turn off new in-app purchases soon, and hope you'll enjoy playing Invokers Tournament until the end of the service.

Thank you all for your passion!
Choose your favorite hero!


Conquer the Jungle of Orth!
Core Destroy it to win the match. Regenerate life by remaining near your Core.
Towers Destroy them to weaken the Core. Regenerate life force by remaining near your towers.
The Tome Temporarily increases your power. Find it in the centre of the map.
Darkoim Eliminate 10 enemy invokers with your team and visit Jabbu to summon him.
Statues Break them to free allied warriors.
Assert your dominance in the Sanctuary
Platforms Place yourself on platforms to conquer them. Each conquered platform awards points.
Defeat invokers Achieve extra points defeating invokers.
Victory! Achieve 100 points to win the match.